is one of the biggest
and the most well-known second-hand brand
name stores in Japan with a long history.

Moreover, it is also the first second-hand trading
company to be listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

From a humble beginning in Nagoya

In 1947, ‘Komehyo’ first started off as a second-hand clothes store in Nagoya, established in the era of Japan’s rapid economic growth. To meet the consumers’ increasing demand of goods to improve their daily living standard, ‘Komehyo’ therefore decided to expand the variety of goods sold at the store, adding the product lines such as, jewelry, watches, camera, and other electronic applicants.



To the turning point for Komehyo

Due to the economic depression in 1990, consumers demanded reasonable price for everything they pay for even luxury items. Komehyo always sense the consumers’ need and saw the opportunity in business development, decided then, to become a second-hand brand name retailer as it is now today.

With strong and steady growth

In the year 2004, Komehyo finally entered the Tokyo Stock Exchange and it was the first second-hand trading company to be able to do so.



Komehyo’s cooperation with Saha Pathana

On the 28th of June, 2018 Komehyo signed a contract of cooperation with Saha Pathana Inter-Holding Plc. and then on the 4th of December the same year, Saha Komehyo Co., Ltd. was finally established in Thailand.

“Relay use” what Komehyo believes in

‘To bring items that are no longer frequently used to a new owner who needs them, so the goods can complete their full mission and be used effectively’…this is the philosophy behind our business model. Komehyo wants to change people’s old perception of second-hand products, encouraging positive attitude towards them, as well as, open up another opportunity for domestic income and improve the overall economy.

The Brand Name Experts

Komehyo is a reliable second-hand store, guaranteed by over 100 brand name experts. With a professional license acquired from extensive trainings, these experts are specialised in performing quality checks and maintenance, setting prices appropriately and fairly, and selling the products. They can surely accompany you through the whole selling process with an exceptional and professional standard.